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About ChessTutorTM

The ChessTutorTM applet was developed to provide a graphical method of displaying Chess games, and game fragments over the web from a centralized database. This Web site and the ChessTutorTM software are offered as a free service to the Internet Chess community.

The ChessTutorTM software was developed up to ChessTutor 2.7.1 by Eduardo Suastegui and can be found at In the meantime you can also download the ChessTutorTM source code from this site.

Because Eduardo doesn't support the ChessTutorTM software anymore, I did some bug fixes myself and asked Eduardo for premission, to release my bug fixed version of ChessTutorTM to the public.


The ChessTutorTM software is as is.
No further support/development is available.

Alternative solutions can be found at:


ChessTutorTM Features

The ChessTutorTM applet provides the following features:

ChessTutorTM Benefits

Use of the ChessTutorTM software on a Web site brings about the immediate benefit of allowing any user employing a Java enabled Web browser to view games online regardless of the operating system they are using on their personal computer or work-station. Web sites seeking to disseminate information about games may use this feature to reach wide audiences through the WWW, while not asking users to sacrifice the comfort many have grown accustomed to: that of displaying games graphically on their PCs from feature rich chess products, such as ChessBase.

However, use of the ChessTutorTM software brings enormous benefits to those Web sites which had been previously generating games and game analysis in HTML format. One quick benefit they will realize is that they will no longer have the need to generate and store GIF or JPG images portraying certain key positions throughout the game. With ChessTutorTM, every position resulting from every move is displayed as the game is replayed, so the creation and storage of board position images is not necessary.

Secondly, by providing direct support for the PGN format, ChessTutorTM eliminates the necessity of the additional step required to take a game score and convert it to HTML format. Games may be entered and analyzed in such programs as ChessBase, and then immediately exported to a PGN database. This database can then be me made available in the Web site for user review. The time savings, and the ability to organize games in PGN databases provides enormous benefit to those Web sites which must routinely manage a large number of games and teaching materials.

Viewing and Obtaining the ChessTutorTM Software

The original ChessTutorTM web site is located at This site also lists several other Web sites throughout the world which are currently using the ChessTutorTM software to display games and Chess teaching material.

The ChessTutorTM web site also catalogs numerous databases, including recent tournament games, sample problems, sample endings, a 2000+ ECO Openings database, plus many more.

You may decide that you are ready to use the software in your own site. You may download the software either from the above listed Web site or the patched version from my site, and give it a test run on your own site. When you do, I think you will find, as many other users have found already, that ChessTutorTM can bring both spice and great benefit to your own Chess site.

Last updated: Sunday, 24. September 2000
Copyright Manfred Rosenboom